Leather earrings and cork earrings come in a variety of sizes, so finding the right pair for YOU is important. These earrings are available in small, medium, large, and come in various shapes and styles, as we'll outline for you in this guide.

Our leather and cork earring size chart will also allow you to determine what size and style earrings work best for your ears, and help you imagine what they may look like on yourself.

We hope this helps you find the right pair of earrings, whether you purchase them from us or you're just curious what one of our styles looks like!

(* indicates the length of the earring varies based on the addition of accent pieces)

Styles and Sizes

Jojo-Coco-Teardrop-Leather Earrings-Cork Earrings

Jojo - 2.25"*

Jojo joined our line up in the summer of 2021. An Eleven10Leather exclusive, original design. The Jojo is super low-profile with the center cut-out. There are a variety of accent pieces that can be added to the Jojo to give them a custom feel.

Coco - 2.5"

Coco was our first brand new design of 2022. An elongated oval, with the center cut-out, make these a sleek and modern style. Some color offerings give the option of adding an additional accent piece to give them a custom feel. 

Teardrop - 2-3"

Perhaps the most classic earring shape. It is one of the first designs that we introduced back in 2011 when we created leather earrings. It's a universally flattering shape and with three sizes too choose from, there is a size for everyone.

Luna-Remi-Leather Earrings-Cork Earrings

Luna: Medium 2", Large 2.5"*

Our Luna is a classic, circle earring with a small, off-centered circle cut-out. This earring packs a big punch. With two sizes to choose from, there is a pair of everyone!

Remi: Medium 2", Large 2.5"*

The Remi is Eleven10Leathers take on a trendy earring style. A modern horseshoe shape with unique styling. Several accent pieces are available to add to the Remi. Choose the medium size for a more delicate look, and the large is perfect to make a bold statement.

Monroe-Della-Mia-Gemma-Leather Earrings-Cork Earrings

Monroe: Same Direction - 2.5", Mini - 2", Opposite Direction - 2.5"

Monroe joined the lineup in November 2021. Flattering styling for everyone. We also provide the ability to customize the earring to your liking. Two size options and orientation choices, your pair will feel like you designed it yourself.

Della - 1.75"

Della is a fan favorite. This is the perfect pair of earrings for those who like a smaller pair of earrings. This design in great for everyday wear.

Mia - 1.75"

Mia has take Eleven10Leather By storm! Super simple design that packs a big punch. Our cutest style is worn by some of our youngest E10L fans all the way up to our more mature ladies. 

Gemma - 1.5"*

There aren't enough words to express our undying love for Gemma. Several stunning color options available with two different accent pieces that will make the earrings stand out. 

Wedge-Jenny-Pippa-Zoey-Leather Earrings-Cork Earrings

Wedge: Medium - 2.5", Large - 3.5"

The Wedge is a sleek style that is universally flattering. Its slim and elongating and the asymmetrical design.

Jenny - 1.75"

The Jenny was inspired by one our our best customers. This dome-shaped earring, with the addition of an arch, makes for a completely unique and modern style.

Pippa: Medium - 2.5", Large - 3.5"

Our Pippa earring was designed with every woman in mind. Hands down, our most universally flattering style that is meant to hug the jawline and elongate the face and neck. 

Zoey - 2.25"

Zoey definitely makes a statement. Big, bold, unique and modern.  


We pride ourselves in having the largest assortment of handcrafted leather and cork earrings. Our goal is to have a style for every woman of every shape and size. We want to make everyone feel incredibly comfortable and confident. 


March 15, 2022 — Haley Young
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