In a world where materialism often takes precedence over meaning, it's no wonder that an increasing number of people are searching for a more authentic way to connect with others and the world around them.

One such way is through the simple act of wearing earrings. Leather teardrop earrings are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a unique way to express oneself. They are made of leather (of course) and have a teardrop-shaped design.

They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, which makes them versatile enough to wear with both casual and dressy outfits.

Let's discuss 5 ways these fashionable earrings can change the way you shop and wear your jewelry!

1. Leather teardrop earrings are a popular trend

Leather teardrop earrings have become a popular trend in recent years, and for good reason. Leather comes with so many different textures that allow them to be worn by those who want something unique yet still practical enough not to stand out against their own skin tone or style preferences!

With this being said there's no shortage when it comes down to deciding on how best to wear these beautiful pieces; whether you go full throttle into bohemian mode all year round (think: casual dress codes) or prefer more traditional and elegant styles for special occasions (think: business casual dress codes).

No matter your preference, however, we've got you covered. Though we'll show you several examples, remember that how you can wear them is only limited by your imagination and creativity. So instead of listing out exactly what you should do with these earrings, we're going to let you know what's possible and encourage you to experiment with this trend yourself.Tobacco Teardrop Leather Earrings

2. Leather teardrop earrings can be worn with casual or dressy outfits, and come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles

Leather teardrop earrings are a great accessory to dress up any outfit. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns, so you can find the perfect pair for your look. They're also versatile and can be worn with both casual and dressy outfits.

Believe it or not, leather earrings date back to the Victorian era and first found popularity in the 40s. Since then, they've had many different incarnations including those made of carved wood, horn, stone, and amber.

The earrings were once worn strictly by women, but today both men and women wear them. They're popular among rock stars and celebrities such as Madonna and Tom Cruise. The teardrop can be seen in movies like "Spiderman", "Total Recall" and the James Bond movie, "Die Another Day".

The teardrop leather shape has quickly become a fan favorite, because, who doesn't like leather, and who doesn't like the teardrop shape? It's a match made in heaven and has proven to be our number one seller here at Eleven10Leather and designs! It doesn't matter what new pattern or color we come up with, we HAVE to cut it out in the teardrop shape!Coral Gables Teardrop Leather Earrings

3. Leather teardrop earrings have been around for centuries but have recently become more popular because they're stylish and versatile

Earring designs have changed over time, but the earring styles that are currently trending among young women are not new. “Leather teardrop earrings” has been around for centuries, but these earrings have recently become more popular because they’re stylish and versatile.

Leather earrings first appeared as an ornamental piece of jewelry in early England (around the time of King Henry VIII) as a token or trophy of battle. These were often worn by men and displayed on their hats or helmets to signify the number of opponents they had defeated in battle.

Leather earrings are said to have traveled with sailors during medieval times, as a talisman against drowning at sea. Sailors often wore leather earrings because they believed that any water that struck the leather would be diverted away from them.

During the Elizabethan era, leather earrings were worn by men and women alike to ward off evil spirits that often appeared during childbirth. Again, this superstitious belief was that anything made of leather would deflect any evil influences away from the woman in labor.

While these unusual earrings originally had many purposes, most people today purchase leather earrings because they just look cool! The design of this earring is simple and the material used to make them has a very rustic, natural appearance. Because leather is naturally durable, these earrings have been around for centuries and will remain popular among young women for years to come.

4. Leather earrings are super lightweight and easy on the ears

Leather earrings are super lightweight and easy on the ears, making them a comfortable accessory for any outfit.

Almost all of our customers mention that "they forget they are even wearing earrings"! If you're like me, I've worn incredibly heavy earrings, and they can not only do damage to your ear lobes, they are just downright uncomfortable to wear.

Now, that's not to say that all leather earrings are lightweight, I'm saying that most are. Some designers cut out very thick leather and adorn them with rhinestones and tassels (not my style), which can make them just as heavy if not heavier than most metal-based earrings.

To each their own, but most women that I know prefer very lightweight earrings, so leather earrings are an awesome alternative to other types.

They're also incredibly affordable, so you can buy a few different pairs to go with all your outfits, and since we are an online retailer of this awesome design, we highly recommend this! ;-)Silver Herringbone Leather Teardrop Earrings

5. Leather teardrop cutouts offer an alternative to the typical teardrop shape and add a little flare to the shape

So, imagine your standard teardrop shape, but with an even smaller teardrop cut out of the middle, like these.

The cutouts have become popular as well because it's still the same teardrop shape that most women love, but with a little pizazz!

These can be worn and styled like any other earring style and come in just as many patterns, colors, and designs.

Bottom line, for those diehard teardrop shape lovers, the cutout iteration is a style you should give a try!


Leather teardrop earrings are a popular trend for 2022 and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

They come in an assortment of colors, patterns, textures, and shapes, so you can find one that suits your style; be it casual, business casual, dressy, sexy, chic, or just something comfortable to wear for the stay at home mom.

These trendy pieces will go with so many outfits and make great gifts, all year long!

If you're not sure which style to try or not sure where to start, we have an awesome Subscription Box that will help you grow your leather earring collection in no time!

What is your favorite color leather teardrop earring? Let us know what draws you to them or what specific style of design appeals to you most. We'd love to hear your opinion!

February 14, 2022 — Haley Young
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