Tahiti Teardrop Leather Earrings



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Make an audacious style statement with our Tahiti Teardrop Leather Earrings, the epitome of head-turning chic. These show-stoppers glow in a sensational shade of electric neon pink, daringly vibrant to redefine your accessory game.

  • Hand-Painted Luxury: Each pair is meticulously hand-painted on premium leather, exhibiting artistry that ensures your earrings are as unique as you are.
  • Striking Neon Pink: The electric neon pink hue exudes audacious style, bringing a splash of color to your everyday look or evening ensemble.
  • Comfort and Quality: Crafted with hypoallergenic silver-plated hooks, these earrings prioritize your comfort without compromising style. They're perfect for sensitive ears.
  • Light as a Feather: Despite their bold statement, these earrings are feather-light, designed to make a strong impression without weighing you down.

The Tahiti Teardrop Leather Earrings aren't just another accessory, they're an assertion of individuality, a daring pop of color, and a beacon of audacious style. Step out of the shadows and let your style shine with these unapologetically bold earrings. Life's too short for boring accessories, and with Tahiti, you'll never be underdressed.


Medium - 2"

Large - 2 1/2"

Extra Large - 3"