Star Teardrop Cork Earrings

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Introducing our best-selling Star Teardrop Cork Earrings, the perfect combination of style and sustainability. These unique earrings feature shimmering gold flecks and bold black stars for a touch of edgy glamour that complements any outfit. With three sizes available, you can select the perfect pair to suit your personal style.

Our Star Teardrop Cork Earrings are crafted from cork material, a natural and sustainable resource. This unique material is obtained from the bark of Cork Oak Trees that predominantly grow in the Mediterranean regions of Spain, France, and Portugal. Harvesting cork does not harm the trees, making it a renewable and environmentally friendly choice.

In addition to being an eco-conscious choice, cork is also vegan-friendly, ensuring that no animal products or byproducts are used in the creation of these stylish earrings. With their water, wear, and tear-resistant properties, you can trust that these earrings will maintain their stunning appearance through countless uses.

One of the greatest advantages of cork is its lightweight nature, allowing for comfortable wear all day long. You won't even feel the weight of these statement earrings, making them perfect for any occasion. To ensure the utmost comfort and safety for all skin types, our Star Teardrop Cork Earrings hang from nickel-free sterling silver hooks, preventing irritation and allergies.

Choose from three different sizes to find the perfect fit for your style:

  • Medium: 2 inches in length, offering a subtle yet stylish addition to your jewelry collection.
  • Large: 2.5 inches in length, striking the perfect balance between elegance and eye-catching glamour.
  • Extra Large: 3 inches in length, making a bold statement for those unafraid to embrace their individuality.

Product Highlights:

  • Unique, eye-catching design featuring gold flecks and bold black stars
  • Made from eco-friendly and sustainable cork material
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Water, wear, and tear-resistant for lasting quality
  • Lightweight for all-day comfort
  • Nickel-free sterling silver hooks for hypoallergenic wear
  • Available in three sizes: Medium (2"), Large (2.5"), and Extra Large (3")

Elevate your jewelry collection with the unparalleled style and sustainability of our Star Teardrop Cork Earrings. Order your perfect pair today and experience the fusion of edgy chic and environmental responsibility.