Natural Gold Cork Teardrop Earrings



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Introducing the Natural Gold Cork Teardrop Earrings - the epitome of elegance, sustainability, and comfort. These exquisite earrings effortlessly elevate your style while being environmentally conscious. Lightweight and available in three distinct sizes, these earrings are designed to be your go-to accessory for any occasion. Their nickel-free sterling silver hooks ensure that they are comfortable for extended wear and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Cork leather, the main component of these stunning earrings, is a premium fabric derived from the delicate shavings of the cork oak tree's bark. This material is not only visually appealing but also provides an excellent vegan alternative to traditional leather. Sourced directly from Portugal, home to some of the world's largest cork oak forests, this fabric is a testament to the region's rich tradition and craftsmanship.

In addition to being an ethical choice, cork leather boasts a multitude of incredible properties. As a sustainable and eco-friendly material, it contributes to the preservation of our planet. Furthermore, its durability ensures that your earrings maintain their allure for years to come. Its resistance to grease and stains makes them low-maintenance and perfect for everyday wear.

Choose from three versatile sizes to suit your personal style and preference:

  • Medium: 2" drop length for a subtle yet chic look
  • Large: 2.5" drop length for added sophistication and impact
  • Extra Large: 3" drop length for a bold and eye-catching statement

Highlight Bullets:

  • Stylish and lightweight design, perfect for any occasion
  • Available in three sizes (Medium - 2", Large - 2.5", Extra Large - 3")
  • Nickel-free sterling silver hooks for comfortable wear and sensitive skin compatibility
  • Made from high-quality cork leather sourced directly from Portugal
  • Vegan, sustainable, and eco-friendly material
  • Durable and resistant to grease and stains for easy maintenance
  • Elevate your wardrobe with these versatile and sophisticated earrings

Invest in a pair of Natural Gold Cork Teardrop Earrings, and you'll not only enhance your style but also make a positive impact on the environment. Embrace the elegance and sustainability of these timeless earrings and make them your new favorite accessory.