Glory Isla Cork Earrings


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Glory Isla Premium Cork Earrings

• Redefine chic with the Glory Isla Cork Earrings. Fashioned from white cork with hypnotic blue stars, these stellar beauties bring a touch of the cosmos to your everyday look.

• Understated yet glamorous, these earrings are backed with premium leather, enhancing durability while lending a luxe touch.

• Say goodbye to the discomfort of heavier jewelry. Crafted to be ultra-lightweight, these earrings promise easy wear, all day, every day.

• The earrings feature hypoallergenic silver-plated hooks. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, they offer comfort without compromising on style.

• Unveil your inner starlet with the Glory Isla Cork Earrings. A perfect balance of cool, contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship, they're sure to be your next style staple.

Get your Glory Isla Cork Earrings now and walk into the room radiating a style that's unmistakably you!