Black Superfan Cuff Leather Bracelet


Gorgeous Black Superfan Cuff Leather Bracelet. Show your undying love for ELEVEN10LEATHER with our bold Superfan Cuff. Three button-hole closures for adjustable sizing and a brass button stud closure. Lovely addition to your arm candy collection. Cuff is 3/4" wide.


XS: 5.5-6" wrist

S: 6-6.5" wrist

M: 6.5-7" wrist

L: 7-7.5" wrist

XL: 7.5-8" wrist

(If you require a size not listed here, please add a note in your order so we can accommodate!)

To measure your wrist:

  1. You’ll need any of these three to measure your wrist. Prepare a flexible measuring tape, a string, or a strip of paper long enough to go around your wrist.
  2. Using your measuring tool, measure just above your wrist bone by wrapping the measuring tape or paper around it. Do not measure too tightly, we will add an allowance for closure.