Black Spinel Necklace

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Unearth the elegance of the night with our meticulously crafted Black Spinel 2mm faceted beads. These fine jewels, resembling little galaxies of their own, are a celebration of the charm inherent in Mother Nature's grand design.

Our black Spinel beads are exquisite, each being 2mm in diameter, offering the perfect size for creating delicate and intricate jewelry pieces. Each bead is faceted skillfully, introducing multiple edges that brilliantly refract light, producing a mesmerizing sparkle that elevates the allure of every piece you create. These beads speak of sophistication, yet they harbor an undertone of a celestial mystery, truly a unique and versatile addition to your crafting repertoire.

These gems are incredibly versatile and effortlessly adapt to the aesthetics of both minimalist and elaborate jewelry designs. Their elegant black hue enables them to blend flawlessly with any color palette, while their striking light-refractive properties add an unexpected and irresistible hint of glamour.

Perfect for layering, these Black Spinel beads can create a spectacular effect in multi-strand necklaces or bracelets. Each bead is drilled consistently for easy threading, allowing you to create beautifully consistent and symmetrical designs.

Whether you're aiming for a simple everyday piece or a show-stopper for a special occasion, our Black Spinel 2mm faceted beads are poised to bring your vision to life. They offer an ideal blend of subtlety and boldness, ushering in a sense of chic grace that's captivatingly timeless.

Incorporate these gems into your designs, and let every piece you create tell a story of beauty, grace, and a touch of the enigmatic. It's time to make your designs stand out with these delicate yet powerful beads. Experience the magic and majesty of the Black Spinel today.

Sizing: 15 1/2" with a 2" extender chain