Autumn Bliss Maxi Leather Earrings

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Introducing our Autumn Bliss Maxi Leather Earrings, the ultimate style statement for the upcoming fall season. 

-Warm Color Pallet with Glitter Overlay: These earrings boast a captivating fusion of warm hues that perfectly mirror the changing leaves of autumn. The subtle glitter overlay adds a touch of sparkle, making them catch the light in the most enchanting way.

-Gorgeous for Fall: Embrace the beauty of autumn with these leather earrings. Whether you're strolling through the park or sipping pumpkin spice lattes at a café, these earrings will add a touch of seasonal elegance to your look.

-Funky Yet Versatile: Unleash your inner fashionista with earrings that strike the perfect balance between funky and versatile. They’re designed to complement a wide range of styles, from boho-chic to casual elegance.

-Cute Earrings, Countless Outfits: Mix and match to your heart's content! These earrings are the ideal accessory for so many outfits. Dress them up for date night or down for a cozy day at home - they're game for anything.

-Cool, Silver-Plated Brass Hooks: The devil's in the details, and these earrings don't disappoint. The cool silver-plated brass hooks not only ensure durability but also add a touch of edgy elegance.

-Lightweight and Hypoallergenic: Bid farewell to uncomfortable earrings. Our Autumn Bliss Maxi Leather Earrings are not only fashion-forward but also lightweight and hypoallergenic. Say hello to hours of comfortable wear.

Step into fall with confidence and style, courtesy of these Autumn Bliss Maxi Leather Earrings. Whether you're sipping cider or enjoying the crisp breeze, these earrings are your must-have accessory for a chic autumnal look.


Medium - 2"

Large - 2 1/2"