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When you put on a pair of our earrings, you’ll transform into a woman who feels confident, effortlessly put together, and ready to receive the inevitable compliments.

When Haley made her first pair of earrings in 2010, she was just experimenting with leather.  Leather earrings weren’t yet “a thing," and she knew they could be huge. 

She was impressed by how lightweight they were, forgetting they were even on!

The style possibilities became endless, igniting a fire within her to share with everyone how comfortable and stylish they were and why they would need them. 

From her kitchen table to a warehouse, thank you for taking this journey with us; we create everything with you in mind.


See a design that you love, but your favorite shape or style isn't available? With our new Custom Earring Request feature, no pair of earrings is out of your grasp....almost.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
So pretty and perfect! Love these for both every day wear and dressed up days 💛
— Jessica LaRoche
NYE Glitter Sophie Leather Earrings
Customer reviews
I absolutely love these! They can go with all my black outfits lol. Perfect for spring!
— Eboney Edwards
Customer reviews
Every single item was fabulous! If you have trouble deciding which ones to purchase, give the Mystery Boxes a whirl!
— Chrystal Mueller
Customer reviews
I absolutely love these! They are bright and perfect for summer!
— Jane Whitworth
Customer reviews
These earrings are STUNNING! Light weight, balanced, & they match EVERYTHING!!!
— April Reece
Customer reviews
This my first purchase and love, love, love these earrings! So pretty and super lightweight. My 1st earring holes are stretched from the heavy earrings I wore in the 80s, but these are so lightweight. I asked if they could make these a drop stud and they did! Will be buying more!
— Alicia
NYE Glitter Sophie Leather Earrings
Customer reviews
Lightweight and adds a perfect pop of color to any outfit!
— Elizabeth Martin
Customer reviews
These are the perfect light weight cheetah earrings and pair well with so many different outfits! I wore them and didn’t even feel them and received tons of compliments on them. My daughter even loved them and asked to wear them too!
— Jessica
Velvet Cheetah Quincey Leather Earrings